Borders Shouldn’t Matter But Governments Still Do

Stephanie Here and Now
5 min readJan 29, 2023

In an ideal world, we wouldn’t be able to scratch arbitrary lines on the planet and then fight to the death over what happens behind those lines. But we don’t live in an ideal world, we live in a world populated by a civilized majority that doesn’t want to interrupt our short lives to get in the way of the savage minority squabbling over the illusion of power.

We’re all going to die. We get maybe 90 years here, if we’re lucky, and there is so much to see, do and love in the 90 years, you would think that would be enough. For most of us, it is, but not for the Putins, Trumps and their idiotic followers. So I want to make a few notes here to remind myself of what’s going on and share it with anyone who might be interested.

Everything, every single thing, Donald Trump and his minions accuse others of doing is something they are doing themselves. There are no exceptions to this rule. None. Rigging elections? check. Trying to corrupt voting software? check. Stealing money from the government? check, check and double check. Everything. There is never a time Donald Trump makes an accusation when he isn’t talking about himself. Remember that.

Today, in the Washington Post, I was reading about people trying to steal Dominion’s voting software and corrupt it. They were Trump loyalists, of course they were. The rest of us just want to get on with our happy and peaceful lives but not these toads. These jerks are convinced there is some reward or reason for trying to topple America.

And I’m not talking about government here, I’m talking about the whole country. They just want to take the country down and hand it over to Trump and, by extension, Putin. They want restrictions on who can come in and who can leave, they want even more wealth inequality, they want the poor to suffer, they want health care to be entirely unavailable and they think, by supporting this idiotic agenda, somehow they will hav a place on the side of the fence where the rich people live. They won’t. But they’re too stupid to know it so they just keep on trying to destroy America.

And I do mean destroy America. They want the parks defiled, the roads filled with potholes, the population sick with whatever plague develops out of the next strain of Covid, their hate for this country knows no bounds. That is why they accuse the rest of us of hating this country. Make no mistake. They are out to get you. And if you’re in Canada? They are sending their minions to get you too.

Trumpists do not hesitate to defile the American flag. They do not understand the Constitution. They understand one thing: Trump hates everyone they hate. They like that. They think liking that will make them rich. They think being rich matters.

That’s why it’s important to keep countering the narrative, keep fighting against what they’re selling and, as tempting as it might be to slip into your personal life and never look at the news again, stay informed and keep making your opinion known to your Senators, your Congressional Reps, hell, even your school board. Just stay on top of these wretched excuses for “patriots” who have bought all the snake oil and now, literally, are hell bent on making the USA a Russian satellite state.

Just stay on it.

Today, DJT Jr. (who is basically the dollar store version of his Dad) tweeted that Alan Alda was a CIA operative who spent the last ten years killing Russian babies in Fort Worth. Damn, I wish I were kidding about that. But I’m not. That’s what he tweeted.

So, why, you might ask, are there Russian babies in Fort Worth? And why might the CIA want to kill them?

Easy. Trump’s resorts served as home to thousands of wealthy Russian birthing mothers. They came here to make anchor babies. I don’t know about Fort Worth, but I do know about Florida. It’s been happening there for decades. No one wants to think about it but remember no one wanted to think about Russian oligarchs buying property in London, England either and now it’s a huge problem.

For a moment, when I read that, I thought, “okay, so?” Aside from thinking how utterly preposterous that idea is, it also occurred to me that I would actually be relieved to know someone had figured out a way to keep wealthy, conservative Russians from getting American passports and American citizenship. Russian babies turn into Russian adults and if they were born here, they have rights here, including the right to vote for assbags like Donald Trump. It’s one tiny way to ensure the Republican Party can still get a few votes here and there. It’s exhausting to even have to think about it but Russia, now more than ever, is a deadly enemy to the USA and this is just one more tiny razor cut of an attack they are launching on the very idea of Democracy.

It’s a pretty good strategy if you think about it. Trump’s attempts to bring down the USA are so varied and so batshit crazy that it’s almost impossible to stamp them all out. He’s not firing a cannon at the Constitution, instead he’s firing a bunch of shotguns loaded with pellets made of everything from frivolous lawsuits to shady property deals to yes, Russian babies. Picking out each individual pellet is tedious in the extreme. He’s doing the “pecked to death by ducks” warfare strategy against this nation and who can say? It might work.

While he’s doing the crazy stuff, he has other people doing the serious stuff and of course, he’s whipping up his violent band of morons into launching attacks on everything from local grocery stores to post offices to the nation’s Capitol. They’re running for office, they’re getting elected, they’re paying off officials and lying their asses off and we have to spend an inordinate amount of time putting out every tiny fire they set, and while we’re doing that, they’re running off in six different directions to set six new fires.

So, a few dead Russian babies? Do you think I care about that? I do not. Especially when you think about what Russia is doing to Ukraine. I do not care one bit about your stupid, probably wholly imaginary Russian babies, DJT Jr. I care about getting your toxic Dad out of the American bloodstream and protecting this country from the deadly virus that is all things Trump.

That means, like all thinking Americans, I have to pay attention. I wish I didn’t.



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